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 Rules of <Arthas Requiem>

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PostSubject: Rules of <Arthas Requiem>   Rules of <Arthas Requiem> I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2009 10:47 am

Upon joining the guild, you automatically accept these rules, so please read and remember.


1.Every character that joins the guild passes a 2 weeks trial period. Until this period expires the character passes all the loots that are straight upgrade to a Guild Member.

2.Every member of the guild that will suddenly decide to change his alt character to prio is elegible to post an application for this character that will be considered according to guilds' needs as any other applicant.

3.For those who want to keep a close connection between their alt characters and the guild and with only requirement to be a member of AR, you can join the AR alts guild. while your alt is in this guild he has to be always into the shared channel with the Officers of AR. Responsible Officer for Arthas alt Guild is Rajana!

4.To make sure that the rules are well understood we use a Warning System for our members.
2 Warnings for the Characters that are on Trial Status or 3 Warnings for the Members of the Guild are automatically leading your character out of the Guild.

Reasons to get a warning:
a: Bad or disrespectful behavior inside the Guild.
b: Immature or harassing behavior out of the guild (global channels, random grps, etc)
c: Not attending or decline a guild's invitation for 3 times in a row. (Applies only in Hrc Raids)
d: Accepting an invitation and not showing up on time or at all without a proper excuse.
e: Giving constantly excuses for being delayed or not showing in events that you have accepted.
f: Braking a straight guild rule as described in the follow chapters.

Reasons to remove a warning:
a: 1 week with flawless behavior and respect on the guild rules will automatically remove a warning from your Character.

5.If you do have a complaint regarding any officers or decisions taken, please do not hesitate to contact another officer or the guild master.

6.Everyone makes mistakes, and therefore accidents will happen. These will be dealt with our officers. Every decision will be weighted by at least 2 Officers, and this is to ensure a fair decision for all!

7.Every member has to have a fair knowledge of his class and how it can benefit and strengthen the Raid.


1.You should NEVER get yourself saved for any Heroic Raid without your guild. If you do, why do you then even bother joining AR.

2.You should ALWAYS attend on the Calendar. If you're not certain that you can show up in the raid "decline" the event! You can always update your status and "accept" it if you can make it. (Applies only in Hrc Raids)

3.You will never leave the event without a proper reason and a substitute. Behavior as this will lead to a Warning.

4.You will ALWAYS come prepared in the raids, bringing your own Flasks, Elixirs or Food and you will never moan or whisper to the RL or to the LM during the runs.

5.During the raid, the RL has the last word on tactics, strategies and everything that has to do with the raid's progress inside the dungeon. Any comment or behavior that will compromise the raid's unity will lead to a Warning.

6.The loots will shared fairly from the RL and the LM of each raid as follows. Any objections will be posted from each member to the Forum for open discussion!

a.When a piece of loot drops, the loot master will announce it in raid warning (RW) and ONLY mainspec who can use this as an upgrade can roll here.
ex: if a leather item drops, rogues and druids will be the appropriate class, not Death Knight's even though it could be an upgrade. Priority here will be given to Members before Trials
b.If no mainspec rolled, offspec will be able to roll.
ex: DK's can now roll on the leather item as well as hunters, shamans, paladins and so on. Please be aware that the loot is needed to fit your offspec. Priority here will have the Main Spec characters that use the item as a filler before the Off Spec characters.
c.If none wanted the item for offspec, the item will be disenchanted and the materials will be saved in the guild vault.
d.Spec definitions:
Mainspec = Appropriate to your class and spec. Ex. Leather item, with spirit and spell power will be a restoration druid, before the restoration shamans should roll, and after these we can talk about it if a paladin can use it.
Offspec = Feral druids can roll on this for Balance, and restoration shamans can roll for the item. (Here the shaman would have a priority since he is closer to mainspec than the druid)

7.When item rolling has started please do not chat until the rolls has finished. This is due to the loot masters job. It's annoying and hard to control if the rolls disappear in seldom chat.

8.Everyone is free to PvP, if and when his activities don't compromise his raiding attendance and readiness.


1.We have a pretty loose tone in the guild, but please respect that no means no. If a person asks you to stop joking about something, you should stop.
Respect the other players feelings, as text can hurt as well as words.

2.We have partly banned the word "poop" due to a historical situation.
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Rules of <Arthas Requiem>
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